Saba Amirhesari
A Prestigious Video for launching a brand new Product


Preparing a new product introduction video is always one of the most sensitive tasks because it is necessary to point out the various features of the product carefully because it has the greatest impact on the audience. This video should have been made in a dark and luxurious space, and according to the client’s brief, it should not have been shown too much at the beginning of the video.
It was about the life of a prestigious person who tries to face the new Daewoo product just like preparing for a formal party.

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Orderer: Daewoo
Advertising Agency: Boom

Creative Director: Amireghbal Fallah
Account Manager: Ronak Nosrati

Director and Edit: Iman Tayarani
Production Manager and Executive Producer: Saba Amirhesari
Costume Designer: Ava Soltani
Make up Artist: Sogol Bahrampour

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