Saba Amirhesari
new product of Benss brand


The scenario of this teaser was confirmed in the fall; and in the pre-production meeting, it was checked that the green season of the plants next to the waterfall has passed. For this reason, we had to purchase the first part of the video from ready-made footage and cover the actor’s hand with CG technique. One of the most important parts of our work is that the creative and production teams are always in harmony and while writing the scenario, we also check its feasibility.
It is important that the scenario is relevant to the season we are in and other things are considered.

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Orderer: Bennes
Advertising Agency: Namaagahi

Chief Creative Director: Maziar Aliyari
Cretive Director: Amir Alemi
Account Director: Sahar Salimi

Director: Hessam Behrad
Assistant Director: Amirali Abolshahi
Production Manager: Alireza Ghasemian
Dop: Omid Ghiaee
Costume Designer: Farnoosh Rangamizi
Edit: Omid Mardanbeigi
Executive Producer: Saba Amirhesari

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