Saba Amirhesari
Introducing the Technolive refrigerator


This teaser is one of my funniest and most rhythmic teasers, we wanted to show the compact space of old refrigerators in different situations. The time we spent on each scene took a lot of time to achieve the ideal atmosphere we wanted due to the precision of the director. But overall we were very satisfied with the output.

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Orderer: Technolive
Advertising Agency: Namaagahi

Chief Creative Director: Maziar Aliyari
Cretive Director: Taimaz Mivechian
Account Director: Sahar Salimi

Director: Amirali Navaee
Assistant Director: Neda Assef
Production Manager: Alireza Ghasemian
Dop: Amir Azizi
Costume Designer: Mahsa Kiani
Edit: Omid Mardanbeigi
Executive Producer: Saba Amirhesari

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