Saba Amirhesari
Rexona trilogy Roll on videos


3 videos of Roxona antiperspirant cream; Due to the delivery force and budget management, the recording was planned in three days, because large number of locations and some places had to be filmed at night, the team suffered a lot of executive pressure, one night due to the continuous night work of the entire team the executive team stayed awake and it became one of our most memorable projects.
The audience of these products are young, dynamic and athlete people, so we had to maintain the fast and dynamic rhythm of this teaser, and this was one of the reasons we had various locations.

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Orderer: Rexona
Advertising Agency: Namaagahi

Chief Creative Director: Maziar Aliyari
Cretive Director: Taimaz Mivechian
Account Manager: Elahe Amirian

Director: Mahdi Bagheri
Production Manager: Hasan Solhjoo
Dop: Ebrahim Jafari
Costume Designer: Faraz Modiri
Edit: Rouzbeh Moharer
Executive Producer: Saba Amirhesari

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