Saba Amirhesari
Hey Day classic drink 2


The challenge we had to make this teaser was that the sorghum season was over in Tehran and the surrounding cities, and we had to inquire about cold regions, which had not yet been harvested. Fortunately, we found a village in Urmia. And we moved at night; so that we can take the sunrise plan.
This teaser was very well received and we were appreciated by the customer.

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Orderer: Hey Day
Advertising Agency: Namaagahi

Chief Creative Director: Maziar Aliyari
Cretive Director: Taimaz Mivechian
Account Director: Sahar Salimi

Director: Kian Yaghoti
Production Manager: Mohammad Saeedi
Dop: Shaho Khavangar
Costume Designer: Farzin Kashefi
Make up Artist: Sogol Bahrampour
Edit: Omid Mardanbeigi
Executive Producer: Saba Amirhesari

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